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If the V/S reports are close to accurate then it seems inconsistent with a prolonged stall condition similar to other recent mishaps. The V/S seems just a bit too high... if we have 9000fpm then thats around 79kts and assuming a 45 degree path vector with forward speed of 9000 as well that gives us an aircraft speed of 111 knots. Now the IAS at higher altitude may be in stall territory but as they got down to lower levels then there should have been enough speed to give enough control authority to correct without losing more than a few thousand feet or less.
That is until you start considering other factors such as spatial disorientation and other human factors that have led to loss of control in other accidents.

One other CRJ crash I'm thinking about is the one where a couple of pilots on repositioning flight decided to try their hand at being test pilots and flew themselves right off the backside of the power curve, stalled the wing, cooked the turbines, and were never able to restart, and then ran out of altitude to make a runway. Yet there are still more differences than similarities here as the final impact in this crash seems much different as well the crew seeming to have a more catastrophic problem since they didn't have time to get more than a single mayday off.

Considering the location, there is a lot riding on getting the recovered memory modules to reveal their secrets.
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