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the CDPP may well be given a brief from CASA and asked to peruse and take to court, which they will do if they believe CAsA.s spiel stacks up.

In the Quadrio case the CDPP declined..not happy with the CAsA "evidence"/crap.

But in other cases the CDPP does not know if what CAsA presents to them is true or not...they dont do investigations to find out one way or the other.

Guess they take what CAsA presents in good faith...and if it goes t*ts up, no worries, the intended victim maybe broke by now , having had to defend him/herself for no good reason, so CAsA will be well pleased anyway.

And if CAsA is interested to know why the case failed they'll have a 'Shitewash' to prove that they have done no wrong.

Next ! New debacle upcoming.
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