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Ultralights, the Canberra zombies will come after experimental and RAA registrations as soon as they have finished off GA. CASA hates aviation except military and heavy Jet regular public transport.

The reason for this is not that hard to fathom, nor does it require conspiracy theories. In terms of general public passenger volume GA, RAA and experimental is negligible, yet we force on CASA the requirement to regulate a horde of unprofessional pilots and strange aircraft that operate in a completely different environment from heavies and military aircraft.

To put that another way, CASA is forced to consider a hugely disparate set of requirements when it regulates. Its rather like Canada where all official communications have to be in French as well as English, just to satisfy the French speakers in Quebec province.

To put that yet another way, if you were a regulator, wouldn't you prefer to deal with a few well healed airline operators only instead of having to also cater for a bunch of bogan amateurs in dirty jeans and moccasins?
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