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45 hours military light a/c flying -> PPL

Hello all, hope this is the correct area to post rather than the professional training forum!

I've recently come out of the RAF with 45 instructional hours and an additional 12 hours solo under my belt on the Grob Tutor, a single-engine prop aircraft which is a joy to fly (I think, not flown anything else).

The 45 hours include general handling, PFLs, both medium-level and low-level navigation, IF, aeros and formation flying. I'm interested in gaining a PPL and am wondering how these hours can be used to contribute to PPL hours. Word on the street is they can be used but I'd like to hear from someone involved in civilian instruction.

I've found these requirements online:

  • 45 hours total flying time*
  • 25 hours dual instruction*
  • 10 hours of solo flight*
  • 5 hours solo cross country
  • 1 cross country trip at least 150nm, landing at 2 other aerodromes
  • 1 hour instrument appreciation*
  • Class 2 Aviation Medical (completed before flying solo)
  • 9 Multiple Choice Ground Exams
  • Radio Telephany Practical Exam
  • General Handling Skills Test
Asterisked bullets are those which I've achieved with the RAF. Would it just be a case of completing a ConvEx onto the new a/c type, getting a Class 2 medical, completing the exams and then filling in what I haven't done in the air (i.e. the solo cross country and a bigger cross country trip)? I've lurked PPRuNe for years and had a good look around but can't seem to find any info relating to this.

I realise I can just pop into a local flying school and query this, but I wouldn't mind having an idea first.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can impart, chaps.
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