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blaming ukranians for separatists shooting aircraft out of the sky

Why is anyone blaming the Ukranians for the downing of MH17? The rebels had previously only used MANPADS missiles to down Ukranian aircraft. They ensured that none of the BUK missiles in their inventory were either unusable or did not fall into the hands of rebel forces. Really if the separatists were going to start shooting aircraft out of the sky with Russian BUK missile batteries and no attempt to identify targets it was their duty of care to notify the Ukranians & aviation authorities who would have closed the airspace down immediately. The issue here is illegitimate forces obtaining SAM technology that usually is never in the hands of insurgents. The only country that can be blamed for that is the Russians.

Suggestiions that the Ukranians used airliners as "human shields" is nonsense - Sukhoi attack aircraft cannot reach the altitudes commercial airliners use and do not attack ground targets from altitude in any case. MANPADS missiles were more than sufficient to defend against Sukhoi ground attacks against rebel tank forces. By closing airspace up until 32,000 feet Ukranian ATC guaranteed 100% protection against exactly these sorts of missiles.

The lesson learned here is that advanced SAM missile systems should NEVER be put in the hands of unofficial rebel forces who lack proper command structures.
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