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Mr gammonflaps

If you think the pressure to fly the last sector is one that only happens in contract pilot airlines then you are a poor misguided sole, I have seen such things happen in the past in UK full employment airline.

No airline wants to go firing pilots as the drop of a hat, it is disruptive, expensive, and leaves holes in the program that have to be filled with day off payments until another crew member is trained, it makes no business sence what so ever. In the case of Norwegian the UK based pilots are employed by OSM ( and that employment involves UK NI & PAYE ) and so have the full range of empolyment rights just like any other person employed in the UK.

All that much of this therortical ranting shows is a paranoia and personal lack of security in the views held by some of the contributors above most of who know three tenths of FA about what it is like to fly for Norwegian.

May be it is time to move to the sunny saaaf and see what life with the Nordics is like...... it cant be as black as it is painted by some, after all a bit of negative publicity spread about from the management of airlines likely to loose staff when Norwegian move north is a good investment if it keeps the more insecure from jumping ship.
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