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Reading the posts from the pro Norwegian lobby, its apparent that the posters are perhaps Co-pilots , single and still enjoying their flying? Youth and enthusiasm can be very important in this industry, for management to exploit !

However, once you accept the responsibility of command, what happens when things dont go as planned? A level bust or lost comms? Do Norwegian have a safety culture and what are the protections for a pilot to call upon? There is no legal support for you as there is no pilot union
or association. You are contracted and therefore the agency can be tough and act with impunity if the employer deems that the pilot is in error.
Not a nice feeling to be all alone.

Decent airlines have a defined safety culture, safety reporting, just or otherwise. You have support of a union. And a neutral company safety department. You are not alone. You have a loss of licence protection and private medical insurance for your whole family.

I can see the attraction of Norwegian , Wizz air and the like, for the 20 something brigade. However, after meeting that beautiful latvian lass, marrying and starting a family you will desire a decent house in a respectable area of town for that quality school. But then you realise that the mortgage will cost 10 x your salary to buy that house.And the 4x4 for the school run. So ultimatly your kids miss out .You will now be embarassed that you are an airline captain who has the talk but cannot walk the walk. Unlike your mates who joined BA 10 years ago.

Will be interesting to know how things pan out for you guys in the next decade.

Ah i forgot, seems some guys only have until this Christmas to earn a crust.
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