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A and C:

After questioning the truth of my posts, you are unable to provide any substantive response whatsoever other than to reminisce and provide more weak excuses for Norwegian's circumvention of employment rights and employment principles, by their exclusive use of agency employed pilots and cabin crew.

You refuse to confirm the specific facts of my posts by contacting the pilot representative organizations and journalists via the details I provided, because in doing so your defense of Norwegian's circumvention regime would fall flat (much like your horse).

The gross contradiction and misrepresentation is that Norwegian has the affront to declare (falsely) on its website that in respect of Human worth:

"We place great importance on ensuring compliance with 'employees' basic human rights as outlines in the International Labor Organization core conventions"

Website link: Human Worth - Norwegian

Categorically, Norwegian does not comply with ILO core conventions. Norwegian has taken punitive action and terminated crew for submitting safety reports, some of which were mandatory occurrence reports. Such action is a violation of the national laws required by EU Directive 2003/42/EC Article 8.4. Norwegian has also disclosed the personal data of crew to third parties without their express permission, including bank details and account numbers. Such action is a violation of the Norway Personal Data Act and EU directive 1995/46/EC.

My motive is to ensure those applying for Norwegian are fully informed of the truth and not mislead by the persistently delusional.

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