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A few years ago..... well more thad a few but Im avoiding old git status on these pages I was reading a truly shocking post about an airline that treated its staff with utter contmpt at all times.

I was truly shocked that a compny could treat its employees in such a way, as I continued to read the post it slowly became apparent that the guy was talking about the airline I was working for ! His perseption and mine being miles apart, the airline is long gone but it is very hard to find someone who has a bad word to say about them.

I cant help thinking that your perseption of Norwegian and the average perception of those flying for Norwegian are seperated by the same sort of distance.

In this world direct employment my give some a walm and fluffy feeling of security but that is all it will do for you, a number of airlines have gone bust while I was working for them and the employed status did diddly squat for my job security and very little in terms of compensation.
The Norwegian job is via the OSM agency and has only been running this way for seven months but has already got few things in the cotract such as loss of licence insurance and private heath care is being talked about as the next move....... that a lot better than my last two airlines.

All this makes a move from an airline ooop north quite attractive.

I have to wonder as to the motives for your persistently anti Norwegian attitude being that they are far from being the worst airline to to fly for in this business ?

Oh ! one last question, would you have any idea of the location of the Malmo Aviation FDO's car ?
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