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Lets be clear from the off this situation is a long long way from ideal and carries potential recruitment problems for next year.

Most airlines need less crew during the winter months and have various methods of dealing with it, Norwegians bigger problem is that they need a huge number of new pilots next year 300+ probably beyond the training capacity of the airline, the thinking seems to be with the NTR guys that will be laid off over the winter is that with under 500 hours they are unlikely to get taken on by anyone else? i think the number is close to 60 pilots that will be 'parked' from the end of October until the end of March, some joined on a summer only contract. I reckon that 25% of that number will clear off never to return, but the other 45 will be back in April thats the equivalent of 5 or 6 courses that don't have to be done over the winter, but that still leaves the thick end of 250 pilots to recruit and train, thats still 30 course to cram in, so I suspect that recruitment will begin in Sept just as these pilots are being parked.

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