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Only seen this thread tonight, I would be more than happy to join whatever party/group was seen by the more experienced then me to be appropriate. I spent over a decade in a different industry before coming to aviation and wonder weekly how long that decision will be viable for, with 2 companies now bankrupt back home and me not wanting to be "up here" forever I wonder whether there will ever be a job to go home to.

It think the first step is starting something to bring us together so that we all feel as tho we can achieve some outcomes. From there at least we stand a chance. I don't feel like any of the current groups speak for aviation as a whole, and have there own interests. If Dick doesn't want to run for the senate, I can understand that but maybe a high profile respected person would be a benefit in at least arranging the group initially? Would certainly have my backing, and the other drivers at work.
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