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Warren Truss Vows to Unsaddle Regional Aviation Costs

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Warren Truss Vows to Unsaddle Regional Aviation Costs

Old 12th May 2015, 03:23
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Warren Truss Vows to Unsaddle Regional Aviation Costs

Readers of this site may be interested in a newspaper article entitled, “Warren Truss Vows to Unsaddle Regional Aviation Costs” by Steve Creedy in The Australian dated December 17, 2013 where Minister Warren Truss made it clear that red tape is going to be removed.

Now that the Minister has spent almost a decade in his aviation-related portfolios, let’s post here what savings have been made at CASA and Airservices that would reflect a saving in costs to regional aviation.

From what I have been told, the situation is exactly the opposite. In other words, costs have been increased by this Minister.

It is absolutely imperative we hold the Minister responsible. After all, he is our elected representative and he has been in the role of either Shadow Minister or Minister for almost ten years.

A number of people in the industry have asked me to address a fly-in and function in the Minister’s seat. I have said no, but if the industry could guarantee at least 500 people travelling to Hervey Bay or Maryborough, I could be interested.

It is imperative that we hold our elected representatives accountable.
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Old 12th May 2015, 06:19
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Try $100 K just to put a light jet much the same as you operate on an AOC.

I have identified over $150 K per annum in increased costs for a small company to operate a varied fleet of aircraft under part 61. That does not include the costs of rewriting the entire operations manual and all the other "Shelfware" that part 61 requires.

Part61 in its current form is unsustainable.

Is Australia so inept, so incompetent, so corrupt that it takes 2600 pages, and growing, to annunciate procedures that the Kiwis can, in clear, precise, plain language regulations with a fraction of the page numbers, or the FAA or even god forbid EASA?

I have no idea what threat to safety CAsA was attempting to fix, but Part 61 will have no bearing on "safer skies for all" except a lot fewer aircraft will be flying therefore the statistics may look better.

I for one would attend on the sunshine coast if it would help inform the minister.
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Old 12th May 2015, 08:34
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Targeted Campaigns

Is someone finally talking about running a well organised and funded campaign targeting Truss in his own electorate? You will need money and big balls. This is the only way to stop CASA seeking us out individually and harming us if we rebel. Who's going to put themselves out there publicly and put their neck on the block? I'm sure Jabiru would stump up some cash.

We should try some persecution of our own, it sounds like fun.
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Old 12th May 2015, 08:44
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I'd take money on his retirement at the next Fed election. We'll probably find his successor no better.

As it's unlikely that the Senate voting system is going to be changed, then the best thing for GA would be to consult the 'vote whisperer,' and stand a Senate candidate who is committed to supporting aviation, (amongst other sensible and attractive policies). The Senate is where the power resides, and to have someone with ability there would be far better than a party backbencher who has to toe-the-line. happy days,
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Old 12th May 2015, 08:59
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But a national Senate campaign is infinitely more difficult and costly to do. If funds allow do both. Yes I think Truss will retire as well but why not make his swansong a barrage of advertising demonstrating his failures and then move on to his successor's electorate. Just start throwing punches. Waiting for elections is a waste of time these sociopaths need to be hounded and harried every minute of every day in the only language they understand, a one way ticket to mediocrity.

All daydreams! the herd of cats that is Australian aviation is incapable of unified action.
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Old 12th May 2015, 09:05
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The successor will be Barnaby Joice.

Some of you have commented on "toeing the part line" or similar, that is exactly what we want CASA to do, Airservices to do, toe the party line, which is red tape reduction and cost reduction, and all regulation as a last (not first) resort justified by cost/benefit analysis.


If you know anything about Government policy on regulatory development, and cost/benefit, you will know it would eliminate somewhere in the region of 70%+ of CASA's rule book.

I know, because we conducted just such a Productivity Commission/ OBPR like exercise on proposed new maintenance rules ---- in CASA, by CASA people ---- some years ago.

It didn't leave much regulation, as opposed to easy to read and understand Advisory Circulars. The unreconstructed of the iron ring were shocked to their core, and the effort was promptly terminated ---- to many rice bowls would be upended.

Tootle pip!!
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Old 12th May 2015, 11:37
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message to Dick

I think you will find a lot of support. You need to let us know how we sign up though. Gather the numbers, then decide.

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Old 12th May 2015, 11:59
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Costs to Business

Check this out. This is the Australian Governments own Regulation Impact Statement on Part 61/141/142. This is the full text on the effect to Business. I haven't shortened it or abbreviated it. You are seeing it in its entirety.Whoever is responsible for this in the Australian Government, could you please get the Work Experience kid on to a different task next year. This has already cost me, more than I can afford!


The existing flight crew training businesses will be required to meet new standards, however, again whilst these represent a deviation from existing standards the changes are relatively minor, which is supported by the feedback that CASA obtained from the consultation process.

That it, that's all it says. By the way, whoever the Flying School is that used their Work Experience kid to provide the consultation to the Governments Work Experience kid, could you also task him differently next time. Don't go too hard on the Flying School Kid though. This was published a number of years ago when he had nothing at hand to actually look at.
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Old 12th May 2015, 12:03
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The successor will be Barnaby Joice (sic).
Successor in the portfolio or as leader of the Nats? If you mean the latter I have heard (from a mates second cousin whose best friend is going out with a girl whose father works with someone whose brother is in parliament) that Truss is hanging on until a suitable successor, other than Joyce, can be found.

As to unsaddling regional aviation costs, well, thats just about the funniest thing you will read this year, or any other year. The minister has nothing to do with it, in fact the minister has nothing to do with aviation full stop.

Nothing will change until CASA is totally rebuilt from the top down. There has to be a root and branch clean out with a clear policy direction in line with the NZ approach and the necessary brawn to ensure compliance. Failing that the only hope is for someone like the FAA to review their audit of CASA and decide that nothing has changed and therefore it is a "fail".
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Old 12th May 2015, 13:51
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If a (minor, but well known) political party included in its policy suite a commitment to repeal CASRs 61/64/141/142 and introduce the NZ legislation;

If that party ran a senate candidate in every state;

If at least one NSW senate candidate was an aviation industry person;

What level of support would it get from the industry?
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Old 12th May 2015, 15:20
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Dick Smith,

PM Sent
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Old 12th May 2015, 21:54
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The Shooters, Fishers and Fliers Party sounds like an excellent concept. Many of their following are in regional areas and they are all over the amount of red tape and BS in society.

I would even join them and pay a reasonable donation. Is that what you are planning?

Dick, YHBA…..when?
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Old 12th May 2015, 22:18
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A political campaign to put Dick Smith and others in the Senate is the only way to go. Even just the potential to achieve that will result in the breaking of the iron ring.
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Old 12th May 2015, 23:38
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Thinking more about keeping the bastards honest.
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Old 13th May 2015, 00:43
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An aviation message to Dick

C'mon Dick, you know that you don't want to do it and we know it as well, but you also know that you have to do it. It's the only way.
If the Palmer's and Lambie's of the world can get political seats and shake the apple cart, then you can do even better mate. The next election will be another close one. The taxpayers are disillusioned, disconnected and disenfranchised with the absolute BS being shoved down their throats. People are hungry for change, are starving for something, something that neither a deceitful Abbott or a spineless Shorten can deliver. That leaves a gap, a quandary for the punters as they are looking for something. Dick, your public personality, passion for aviation, non-tolerance of idiots, and willingness to stick it to the political parasites and bureaucrats that are screwing this nation is your starting platform. We know you don't really want to do it, but it's a hand that you have been dealt whether you want it or not. Why? Well you have the profile, the funds, the respect of a lot of the aviation community, an you have a set of plums on you. Mate do it for the industry you love. Make it a short term gig, 3 years in which you get to make some real change, 3 years in which you get to stick it to the dross who have paralysed our industry. Think of the fun you will have as archaic lawyer riddled aviation regulations are repealed, imagine the sheer joy you will feel as you make these bureaucrats squirm in their seats as you expose their lies, trickery and deception. Imagine the chubby you will get, Dick, as you pull down the house of cards one card at a time. Imagine being able to work with Senators such as Fawcett, Sterle and the inestimable Xenophon. Hell mate, once you have put the wrecking ball through those wrecking our industry think of what other elements of our country that have been trashed by successive trough dwellers you could get to work on? The oil barons perhaps? What about positive changes to small business? Import/export regulations, no worries Dick can fix it. Help for our Farmers you say, well Joyce and Truss have done jacks#it. Dick will fix it!! Imagine Dick, just for a moment, sitting on the panel at senate estimates or sitting on the panel at the next aviation senate inquiry as you hold a burning torch to the genitals of MrDak and his executive team! Oh the fun, the fun. Shit, and you get paid for it! After 3 years you go back to doing what you do best, enjoying the fruits of your labor, pottering around the garden, who knows and I guess who cares as it is your life mate. All we are asking for is 3 years. It's not too much to ask is it? Do it for aviation and do it for Australia.

C'mon Dick, it's time to act, the next election is counting down old chap. Do it, please do it, we dare you.
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Old 13th May 2015, 01:17
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We need 500 people to join a "party" to be registered.

I have registered the name "The Hangar Party" for a rainy day but "the General Aviation renewal party" (GARP?) is probably more appropriate.

I reckon if we had ONE co-ordinator at every aerodrome in Aus walk around with a coffee tin and membership forms, we could have 2000 members before the end of the month.

$10 membership

Clear policies on aviation regulation

Clear policies on a few other key issues

Policy document headed "The World according to GARP"

Enough senate candidates in each state to form our own column, but we only really need one lead candidate per state.

How hard would it be to get 700-1000 GA employees & PPLs and enthusiasts in each state to vote for GARP?

We really don't need Dick to lead this if we have good candidates in each State & Territory who can rally the local industry behind them. Dick as a figurehead and public spokesman possibly but (sorry Dick.... tough love follows) he can be divisive in some sectors of the industry and, being a strong-minded individual used to getting things HIS way, could go off on tangents a la Clive Palmer.

I would certainly prefer to have Dick on board than against us.


I know there will be a lot of rusted-on LNP and ALP voters amongst our colleagues - but if we can unite for ONE election we might just save our industry.
Vote for your preferred Party in the Reps by all means but ask yourself: When was the last time your preferred party actually did something to help your industry?

Give the Senate vote to GARP just for one election.

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Old 13th May 2015, 01:32
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You will also have to convince the media and therefore the public that "something is rotten in the State of Denmark".

At present the public believes that all is sweet and rosy in the world of Australian aviation and that we have the safest skies in the world. The truth is out there but is hidden under a mountain load of spin.
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Old 13th May 2015, 01:40
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Leafy, you looking for a job as chief speech writer and motivator??
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Old 13th May 2015, 01:42
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That's the "beauty" of our situation - it is dire enough and plain enough for everyone in the industry to see, that we don't really need anyone outside the industry to vote for it

...if we can get the industry behind it.

Stuff the mainstream media and the general public.

Aviation industry reform can occur through legislative means and it would occur with the hundreds of other bits and pieces of legislation that go through without much interest or comment every year. There isn't much need for a mandate from the General Public. It won't increase spending from the public purse (it should save some) and although it will affect the quality of life of many Australians, the majority will never notice the difference in their day-to-day lives.
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Old 13th May 2015, 03:04
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Where do we send our money to support Dick in the Senate?
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