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Frank Arouet
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It is generally known he is not well, and although I wish him the best in his battles with his own health, He should have stood down when he first became incapable of carrying out his job. Because of his incompetence, he has put many people at risk of mental and physical disability. People at the mercy of his own departments who daily carry out acts of bastardry which put the recipients in grave danger of suicide because they can't seek help for the inflicted depression because it would put their jobs in jeopardy. People like Karen Casey are walking proof that such injuries occur and it is frightening to think that many undiagnosed depressive pilots may be out there flying passengers around on a daily basis.

Dick, the man has no empathy. He is a shell only.

In my opinion, Truss is the Leader of The Nationals in name only. A current senior Nationals executive figure has been the real Leader for years.
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