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Definition of vested interest.

Get on a forum let's say aviation.
Convince everyone they need a product.
Let's say Mmm run lop.
Oh I run a course on lop.
Charge people to go to the course.
Provide no data lead with miss truths about engine o/h time etc.
not have the course recognized because it's not approved.
Not approved because the data not approved.
Next time shite comes out of your mouth get your facts first. The gentleman you refer too have more credibility in his little toe than you will ever have.
But because you live in Sydney Melbroune or Brisbane f anyone that lives in the bush. F them as they have no rights. Well f u.
You think I'm up set well yes. Do I have a right. F yes I do.
When you have done what he has done or just part off it then feel free to make comment.
As for vested interest he didn't wish to see anyone hurt.
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