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The successor will be Barnaby Joice.

Some of you have commented on "toeing the part line" or similar, that is exactly what we want CASA to do, Airservices to do, toe the party line, which is red tape reduction and cost reduction, and all regulation as a last (not first) resort justified by cost/benefit analysis.


If you know anything about Government policy on regulatory development, and cost/benefit, you will know it would eliminate somewhere in the region of 70%+ of CASA's rule book.

I know, because we conducted just such a Productivity Commission/ OBPR like exercise on proposed new maintenance rules ---- in CASA, by CASA people ---- some years ago.

It didn't leave much regulation, as opposed to easy to read and understand Advisory Circulars. The unreconstructed of the iron ring were shocked to their core, and the effort was promptly terminated ---- to many rice bowls would be upended.

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