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EK and the Future

Today is the last day of the financial year and Emirates profit should be huge. The largest ever. I'm hoping for a profit share of around 14-15 weeks. The pay raise I'm not so confidant on.
The question I have before the house is does anyone think it is going to get better here? We are all hearing some bad rumors with regards to the bidding system and amount of hours we will have to fly each month. Those have not happened yet (luckily) but does anyone have information on when or if those will happen?
Pilots are leaving and Emirates is struggling to recruit qualified pilots. That statement in itself should bode well for future Quality of Life issues and compensation at Emirates. However most people and pilots I talk to doesn't seem to think so. Any thoughts?
Emirates isn't the airline I signed up for, I just hope it gets better here. To hedge the future job applications went out recently. As we all know but mangement doesn't fully comprehend yet there are plenty of other options out there and most are better options.
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