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Thorn Bird said

"Have you been to New Zealand recently? Aviation is now their second biggest contributor to GDP, not bad for a country with a population less than Sydney."

Sadly Thorn Bird, New Zealand aviation is not immune to the PC garbage that has invaded so much of our lives.

Last week the NZCAA were advertising for an Aviation Policy Adviser.

"Hmm," I thought. "41 years in the business, that might be me."

Downloaded the job spec, read three pages of HR Newspeak which culminated in ( literally ) the bottom line which said,

"An interest in aviation is desirable "

The position is aimed at a uni graduate with "three years experience in public policy making."

The HR waffle banged on about establishing relationships with stake-holders in Airlines, Airways et al. Apparently it is not necessary to have any knowledge of the game to discuss policy with the people at the top of the industry.

"An interest in aviation is desirable " .... says it all really.
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