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Dick Smith Party??

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Dick Smith Party??

Interesting article in Strewth, todays The Australian suggesting that in utter frustration, Dick may start his own Political Party.

Certainly a new twist in the game of Australian politics!!

For those with subscription access:
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For those without subscription access, the article follows:

See Dick Not Run

By James Jeffrey, Strewth Editor, The Australian (26.3.2015)

As Dick Smith’s partner in life and adventure, you’d expect Pip Smith would be prepared for the odd surprise.

Nevertheless, she was a bit taken aback at the Salvation Army’s Red Shield lunch in Sydney yesterday when Dick announced to the crowd he’d registered the name Dick Smith Party as part of his quest to bring about reform in the general aviation sector. “She knew nothing about it,” Dick confirmed to Strewth yesterday. “Nothing!” Pip confirmed, packing a remarkable amount of emphasis into two syllables. “No, I didn’t discuss this with her; she would have talked me out of it.”

Smith is, to put it mildly, hacked off with the state of general aviation in Australia, specifically governments that promise to reduce red tape in the sector but end up doing the opposite due to a “bureaucracy that takes no notice” of them. “An industry I love is being unnecessarily destroyed,” Smith says. “I respect the Prime Minister, I like the bloke, but he has to put people in bureaucracy who’ll implement policy.”

Rather prudently, in light of recent events, Smith says he won’t be emulating Clive Palmer. “I won’t run, I won’t be putting any money in it. It will have my name on it and I’ll spend a minimum of 80 hours a week on it.”

Smith says he’ll be looking for energetic “young turks” to run the show. “I’m not going into politics. I’m 71 and exhausted,” he explained to Strewth in typically frenetic tones. So if he won’t be opening his famously generous wallet, where will the money come from? “If people support the party, they’ll donate, won’t they?”
For a Government hell bent on reducing regulation and Red Tape, the Abbott/Truss Government are certainly looking the other way whilst CASA run amok with new Regulation intended to financially break General Aviation.

I don't think the new Director of Air Safety will be anything more than "more of the same".
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April 1st gets earlier every year..
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It's already been done ... in England it's called "The Monster Raving Loony Party"
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Well Mr Palmer will leave a void soon enough that needs filling.
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Aviation interests aside, he is an alturustic, self made, hard working, sharp bloke with a passion for Australianism, he has my vote and I suggest the vote of at least a million other folk if the good will that is shown to him when he walks the street is a measure of his popularity.


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Senator Nick Xenophon was recently able to stop Civil Aviation regulation, but no one except the Government (that is CASA) have ever been able to initiate new civil aviation legislation or address the ludicrous cost impositions CASA imposes on Australian aviation for no safety gain.

A "Dick Smith Party" sitting on the cross benches may well be able to influence new, far more rational and cost effective aviation legislation.

At the very least, a "Dick Smith Party" certainly can't be any worse than the lunatics and misfits that have occupied the cross benches in recent years.
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While his affect on Australian aviation is questionable, I thoroughly applaud his stance on Australia's ever-increasing population.

Enough is enough.
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I applaud Dick Smith starting a political party - he could hardly be worse than any of the incumbents. I question, however, his judgement in naming the party after himself. Any party named after an individual seems to be fraught with problems.
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I once put forth an invitation to all people on PPRuNe who have been financially hurt by our regulatory system to form a class action. In this invitation I provided a pre arranged file number from Slater and Gordon and invited people to contact me via PM if they wished to remain anonymous and I would supply the initial executive summary/ information on their behalf for follow up later if a common thread were identified.
A large number contacted me and I advised a common theme needed to be identified. Eventually Slater and Gordon advised they wanted some cash up front because no theme was forthcoming. Nobody had any money or if they did they didn't want to speculate with it.

From this came the embryo of an idea to pool resources and begin a 'Nemesis group' to hold the regulator to task.

Guess what! It took 3 months of arguing about what to name the show. And in true 'alpha male' style, agendas clashed, personalities clashed, directions clashed and the show fell apart into various individual groups. A couple were involved with and advised Senate and statutory investigations and a review. I've no doubt they will feature in upcoming reinvestigations.
However, without any help from the regulatory authorities we became 'divided' and they still continue to 'rule'.

Everyone has noted calls for a small interest group to form a political party to get into The Senate. Now when someone puts up the framework to do so we get 50% 'Dick bashing' 10% reporting and 40% wondering what to call the Party because maybe we don't all like Dicks name being up front.

Now you know why I've given up and gone sailing.

Fight you bastards.

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you actually don't need many votes to get into the senate as proven by current cross benches who only actually received a handful of votes.

Who knows, could end up with the balance of power. That would be VERY interesting.
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he is an alturustic, self made, hard working, sharp bloke with a passion for Australianism
100% correct, and unlike some of the other people in politics, Dick would be seeking to pursue important issues, not personal gain.

We need more like him.
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The problem is getting quality candidates to run for him. Unfortunately these days the general quality of those running for public office is nothing on what it used to be.
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Dick Smith Party??

QF better get the china eastern tie up thru quickly!
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Had he called it "The Aviation Party", or even sexed it up with "The Cloud 9 Party" I doubt he would get much traction. Dick Smith is an Australian icon and the name conjures up positive images of adventure, going the extra yard, supporting Australia, and having a go. "The Dick Smith" party will leverage off that image and we will be the better for it.

But honestly I think the GA pains have been around for so long that if the costs of bureaucracy are finally reduced then GA won't pass that on to its clients but rather use to take a deep breath from the industry and enjoy a hot lunch after a very long, long time.

Now if only Dick's name was Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian, we'd have it made - sign of the times.
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Oh goody...more personality politics. Just what this country needed.
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Kim who ?

seriously the media would have a field day ...

eg. I want Dick (guess no such thing as bad publicity)

bit like the Leggos pasta sauce advert.

"mum comes home & spreads the Leggos"
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the country needs someone like Dick Smith calling the shots.

It would be great if he had the balance of power in the senate.

Common sense might prevail.

At present, most Australians think the gravy train will never end, while the country is worse than broke.
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We could do worse! There are times when I think that the regulator sees that its sole purpose is to destroy GA through excessive regulation and bureaucracy.

God knows that major change is needed. If anyone can think of anyone else who could have some effect in the corridors of power; well, let's hear some names.
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Nobody is suggesting this is a single issue, GA-focused or even aviation-focused party, are they?

I understood his announcement came out of his frustration on a number of issues, particularly the fact that, according to ATO statistics, so very few people with declared personal income in excess of $1M p.a. made any kind of charitable donations.
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I've heard it's a party to address the country's sustainability problem worsened by population growth levels, lack of foresight in planning, plus reduction in beaurocratic red tape. I'm sure there's probably more stuff I'm missing. So it's seems to be based around future sustainability, efficiencies - common sense stuff.

Can we start with the asic. It doesn't make sense to me why all pilots are not automatically screened, why are these systems not interfaced to alert authorities of anyone that raises a red flag- before the 2 year renewal arises. Why are these systems charging a fee for a process that should be automated.
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