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Well guys, say what you like But...

25 years or so ago CAsA began their "regulatory Reform" project.
25 Years and $250 Million Dollars later we have Part 145, Part 61, Part 135 to come. There were people warning people, way before these pieces of crap legislation became law, that the industry better sit up and take notice, because this was serious Sh.t and could mean the end of the industry.
Did Anyone Listen????Let alone get off their asses and do anything, except argue amongst themselves?

We have witnessed our secondary airports flogged to property Sharks utilizing corrupt immoral practices. There were people warning that without objection our airports would disappear. Primary Airports have become the biggest tax dodge in history and get voted the worlds worst year on year, and our secondary's are slowly being chewed to death by circling property sharks...too much money, no control, no objection, and rampant corruption. Any dissenting voices? about the silence of the lambs!!

In recent times we have CAsA begging the Govn. for funds...Fuel levee is the answer to raise $90 million to employ extra front line personnel. Were any employed?? Na, but a bunch of managers and consultants were.

The levee has not been rescinded, so their still raking it in, but now CAsA want and extra $25 Million via dodgy service charges. That is a service charge for services that are entirely unnecessary, that serve no "Safety" function, merely swell CAsA's coffers.

Just how much can Industry absorb??

We have absorbed $170 million or so in costs to be the "First in the world" to mandate ADSB compliance. All to advance CAsA CEO's nomination to the highest rank in ICAO. Save the government a vast sum for radar replacement and ensure ASA exec's got a nice little bonus.
We have absorbed the imposition of completely, incompetently formulated, inane regulations.

Did we hear long and loud complaints for what would appear blatant corruption??..not a squeak.

Wow I'm glad I'm at the end of it. I really despair for the young people coming through. There is no hope for them. Their efforts are for nought.
What a waste of recourses, time, energy and enthusiasm.

Good on you dick, no one else has had the balls to upset the apple cart, your critics speak with empty voices, at least you have shown the courage to promote your convictions and I applaud you.

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