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I once put forth an invitation to all people on PPRuNe who have been financially hurt by our regulatory system to form a class action. In this invitation I provided a pre arranged file number from Slater and Gordon and invited people to contact me via PM if they wished to remain anonymous and I would supply the initial executive summary/ information on their behalf for follow up later if a common thread were identified.
A large number contacted me and I advised a common theme needed to be identified. Eventually Slater and Gordon advised they wanted some cash up front because no theme was forthcoming. Nobody had any money or if they did they didn't want to speculate with it.

From this came the embryo of an idea to pool resources and begin a 'Nemesis group' to hold the regulator to task.

Guess what! It took 3 months of arguing about what to name the show. And in true 'alpha male' style, agendas clashed, personalities clashed, directions clashed and the show fell apart into various individual groups. A couple were involved with and advised Senate and statutory investigations and a review. I've no doubt they will feature in upcoming reinvestigations.
However, without any help from the regulatory authorities we became 'divided' and they still continue to 'rule'.

Everyone has noted calls for a small interest group to form a political party to get into The Senate. Now when someone puts up the framework to do so we get 50% 'Dick bashing' 10% reporting and 40% wondering what to call the Party because maybe we don't all like Dicks name being up front.

Now you know why I've given up and gone sailing.

Fight you bastards.

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