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An interesting discussion for an outsider beginning to dabble with FRMS readying for EASA FTL in Europe.
1. What's the max FDP for the MLE flights (there are two I believe) In the UK it's 10.15hrs
2. If under variation 1 what is the increase 1 hr?
3. What is the planned FDP
4. Do EK have napping policy for 2 crew?
5. If the flight augmented is there are guidance on in flight relief e.g. if one has to turn up rested for the FDP then an immediate nap may be of no use?
6. Any sleep trail / motion watches being undertaken or just bio mathematical modelling (if so any idea which one)
7. It would make sense for P1/2 to split the return sector to nap prior to landing rather than trying to augment the 3hrs?
8.It must be up there in terms of fatiguing flights, do you undertake any sleepiness scoring at top of drop etc as part of the FRMS e.g. KSS scale

If the questions are too probing please pm me, I have an honest interest in FRMS and any honest data/replies is appreciated
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