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You're still missing the point. I have argued that Flybe will not hire a DEP from zero to hero straight onto the jet and in doing so will bypass everyone else who has bid to go on the fleet. To do so would be an absolute industrial relations disaster. If this chap gets hired and ends up on the seniority list as this: 517 TWICE Round the hold 12573 FO EJ BHX/MAN (yes I got the No. from the current list) then I'll eat my hat and I'll hold my hand up and say I was wrong.

Where did I state I knew the ins and outs of your contract? If the "ostensibly" was a mutual thing then that's more underhand than ever, but I'll still come on here and say in capital letters "I'm sorry LSM, you were right".

oh and p.s. My nose isn't out of joint. I don't fly the Q400.
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