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Since the 330/340 fleet will be gone in less than 2 years any DEC only has to endure a short amount of time doing night turns before going left seat 380 or 777. Boeing guys have all the current 330 destinations to look forward to so I'd say the offer is not as bad as people seem to think.
...and that is what the A330 DECs were told in 2012.

I highly doubt the A330s will be retired by 2016. They simply don't have a replacement aircraft for the lower capacity routes. These also tend to be the routes that don't show a demand for the latest hardware and comfort standards so no need to refurbish the interiors.

The cancellation of the A350 suggests this. It will be a while before a decision is made on a replacement, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the A330 NEO come in to fill this void pending an eventual 350/787 order.

Please don't go promising 330 new hires an upgrade to the 380/777 in only 2 years. Broken dreams 'n' all.
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