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Bluejays -

When your learning your aptitude is to be really serious. I passed my PPL last year and am fairly studious, i have get things right and if i dont stop until I do.

Some of my favorite flights after passing were just going for it, ie a few XC trips and some longer flights. Not using Skydemon as navigation is and was always my weakest strength and building on that weakness.

I probably did 25hrs extra just pleasure flying and getting checked out in a C182 and then taking friends and family up - freakin luvved it!!! and was not scared, or anxious(when i probably should have been)

My last flight was Octoberish - some family are asking me to take them up, but since falling from being completely current, I certainly have a huge amount of hesitation.

Good thing is i intend to complete an aerobatics course, then IMC shortly which will then instill that confidence and further experience.

It feels the simplest answer is to ensure you can afford to keep flying as with anything in life, practice makes perfect and if you stop you get "rusty" - not a huge issue with certain other hobbies but in flying this can kill you - so it helps if you can enjoy while being safe and serious lol!!!

I struggle at the moment as i don't have anyone similar to me to fly and share with - however offsetting that, the most fun I have is being up there, on my own, in an amazing kind of peace, tranquility and exquisite scenery - that never fails to put a smile on my face and often don't want to share it with someone anyway lol!!

Happy Flying!!!



PS - being a new PPL and very green behind the ears, we still have the green P for passed on our wings!!!

I still probably only have 15% experience which when you look at it like that is a scary thought!
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