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There is no simple solution to this dilemma. Water will find it's way to trickle downhill through any cracks and fissures it can find. By which I mean that the airlines are under pressure in this capitalist world to make profit for their shareholders. Accordingly, safety is a primary concern insofar as the avoidance of accidents is extremely important, because an accident is more expensive to an airline operation than a raft of safety measures.

Meanwhile, if a bean-counter can strip away levels of safety without effecting the accident statistics, they will. Sadly, statistics only reveal events, not close run things or accumulated danger caused by tears in the fabric of the safety nets. What the Colgan crash highlighted is that there are many bad practices in the industry - from commuting to a lack of manual flying skills - which have been allowed to imbed themselves in modern aviation because it reduces airline operating costs.

Would a 1500 minimum hours help? It's hard to say because it's an artificial restriction on recruitment that has never existed before. In the 'old days' demand for pilots was so much lower and was satisfied by corporate, GA and military sources. Those sources have all but dried up and demands are sky-high.

In order for a 1500 hours limit to work in a positive way rather than simply lead to an influx of pilots with cessna time, you would have to restructure the whole industry. That isn't going to happen. Ergo, in the real word it's far more practical to ensure that the cadets joining with 200 hours are properly vetted, trained and supervised while they earn this 1500 hours experience in the airline environment. As has been proven by those 'damned' statistics, cadets, per se, are not a safety risk if carefully and competently integrated into an airline operation.
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