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I am from one of the few countries that still has a fully state sponsored airline pilot program (I am disregarding the military for the sake of argument). For long I thought it was insanity, considering the saturated market and waste of tax payers' money. Now I have changed my mind. Speaking to colleagues from all corners of Europe that weren't so fortunate and now sit with up to 200 000 worth of bank loan, I see how rotten this business is from airline level down to flight schools. In the UK the big schools (Oxford, CTC) have oligopoly and the modular route is dead. All over Europe schools are preaching about the massive growth that's awaiting us and thousands of pilots are needed. There are local shortages, but never a shortage of cadets. Poor people's dream is being exploited by banks, airlines, flight schools. If they're lucky to find a job after finishing training, declining T&C makes it ever more difficult to pay back. In the mean time they will struggle to settle down, buy a house, build a family etc.

With inflated training costs it's become a rich man's hobby. Every profession goes at a price, the equilibrium where people say "enough, i am not paying this money for the prospect of earning peanuts" is not reached yet. And hardly will it change in this deregulated aviation business? Too many kids with dreams. That's where I am coming back to my new opinion. I think it's criminal (read: morally wrong) to trick people into a dream world, which turns into a nightmare. A free-market proponent will likely disagree with me here. But with people having limited rationality I believe a regulated training market is the best option and what should be pushed for on a political level. This would hopefully result in the best candidates for the job, with a healthy infusion of cadets into the market and stop devaluation of experienced pilots already out there.
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