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As said above, the usual MPL cadet probably has less of a problem with any non normal than with flying a normal uneventful line sector. He did nothing else for the last 200 hours in the simulator, simulating all the usual non normals and all the non normal situations that actually happened on the line up to proficiency.
In a way that is true. Whilst hopefully well versed in the theory and limited practice of 'Threat and Error Management' they have never really had the opportunity to experience boredom in the flight deck and complacency from imaginative rostering practices.

That said my limited solo hours during the CPL/IR were of equally limited use. Not too boring and not too exciting and still too fresh to become complacent in my new surroundings. That happened around the 1000-1500 hour mark. Thought I knew sh1t. Turned out I didn't know as much as I thought. Lesson learnt.

Would 1500 hours work in Europe? Well if you want to commute (we have no interline deadheading policies as exist in the US, or incredibly few as to have the same effect) and use 'crash pads' and wait on tables for a second job then ok, bring it in. The regionals would love to start a 'B' pay scale I have no doubt at all. At the end of the day either route will still lead line Captains to assume their responsibilities to develop the First Officers under their charge. Sadly some skippers don't see that as a competency they should exhibit and demonstrate and instead bemoan training departments et al. Captains abound, but good Captains (leaders) do exist. Faith is still alive and well.

Now when does the F1 in Austin start??
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