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This is why you have a safety pilot for several weeks on the jump seat and you practice incapacitations dozens of times and you keep a good eye on the wx on the enroute alternates
The first few days are usually enough for correctly trained cadets, and they are only released to fly without safety after a incapacitation flight, a flight where the instructor and the safety play dead after gear up and the rest of the flight is done single hand by the cadet.

As said above, the usual MPL cadet probably has less of a problem with any non normal than with flying a normal uneventful line sector. He did nothing else for the last 200 hours in the simulator, simulating all the usual non normals and all the non normal situations that actually happened on the line up to proficiency.

Unlike the US airlines in europe have a lot of experience with low hour cadets. That is all they had for the last 60 or 70 years. Airline run cadet schemes were the norm, not the exception. At least for the legacy carriers.
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