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Originally Posted by BeCareful
Imagine your line training captain on your first flight having a stroke or heart attack or otherwise gets incapacitated... and you have 160 pax in the back, 4 cabin crew, the weather is hovering at minimums, carrying a typical minimum fuel, you have to make a decision and they're all looking at you...

... and here you are, brand new CPL with a fresh type rating, never really flew in crappy weather outside the simulator, never dealt with ATC at this level.. really, at 200 hours, what do you really know?
Most normal airlines tend to have safety pilots for FOs on their first line training - at least first couple of sectors. I also believe most people who are fresh from type rating have more trouble dealing with normal line operations (which is purpose of line training) than abnormals / emergencies, which they've practiced in simulator. If you have pilot incapacitation, most of the regular burdon for a new pilot (dealing with paperwork, different NADPs for different airports, complicated SIDs/STARs, etc. etc.) is not a concern anymore. Almost anywhere in Europe you'll get vectors to the nearest airport with a hospital close by and ambulance would be standing by...

Originally Posted by parabellum
Ideally you won't be VFR all the time. You will be a qualified CPL/IR and you will fly charter around Europe, some days you will fly property developers, some days you will fly jockeys and trainers and other you will fly nice people to their holiday villa in Menorca, some will be IFR and some will be VFR. All of it you will be the pilot in command and will have to make decisions, some operational some weather and possibly a few commercial. By the time you have done that for three years you have become a well rounded pilot ready to advance to multi crew turbo props and jets.
I don't know in which Europe do you live, but there are much more jet jobs than GA jobs (the one that actually pay you enough to be able to afford food) for a typical 200h CPL/ME/IR holder.
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