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This industry has changed, permanently, from the good ol days of the 70's-80's.
For better or worse, we as pilots have to accept that. As an old boss said to me, there is the door. We fly because we love flying. I agree the money is/was good and useful, but I have flown some junkers in the Dark Continent, just for the fun of flying.
This is what the bean counters have woken up to. We will fly, because we love flying. They will abuse that love as much as they can. No one willingly spends the '000's of on a career they hate! Unless you are a 20 something with the bank of M&D, it is very hard to (re)-enter the industry.

Some have mentioned the corporate world. Bloody good fun, but you have to think outside the airline mentality, as once the wheels are up, you can generally be on your own until returning to base.
I have done the airline thing. It was Shit. Decreasing T&C's, more pressure from mgt to save 2 kgs of fuel per sector, faster turn around's, lack of family life..........the list goes on.
I now fly turbo props. Happy as a pig in poo.
EU LCC capain salary of Eu45k/35k is ridiculous,
It is, but they accepted it!
I earn more than the higher figure.
For flying a turbo prop with 10 seats.
The reason is that I had 2000 hrs experience operating all over the world in similar aircraft. That was what the company wanted. We require 1000 hrs min for captain, however the amount of babies, with wet licenses, who cant read adverts, that apply is staggering.
We find co-pilots on the recommendation's of our Captains, Friends, word of mouth etc

If a CV from a 747 Captain came across my desk, there is a very good chance I would call him for a chat.
If a CV from a OAT/CTC baby came across my desk, it would keep going to the round filing box (bin)

Until EASA land has a FAA change of requirements (1500 hrs etc), the industry will stay as it is. And that took total hull loss and A SINGLE govt to get it changed.
Anyway, must go, Canary Islands for the week end, toodle-pip!
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