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p.s. I would not go so far as to say "never listen to old people." There is a lot of timeless knowledge that we can learn from, as some things like airmanship and the laws of aerodynamics will never change. Unfortunately when it comes to very fluid things like the economy, international treaties, government regulations (FTL's) these 'wisdoms' can quickly become obsolete traps. What worked for one generation will perhaps not work for the next generation.
You're right
I was just talking about in term of advices about things around the job and mostly about how to become a pilot.

I have some retired friends, they were captain etc...but they do not have a clue what is "pay to fly" things. They do not have a clue about the MPL licence.
They do not have a clue about the 25 minutes turn around.
But I agree that we learn a lot when it's about the job itself. Yes for sure ! When I have a question I do not ask a cadet
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