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So you know where the root of the problem is?
The real root, that is?
Ah, now who were those conmen who got paid hundreds of millions to give out crap advice on airline mergers?
Yes, you know about SR but whose stupid bloody idea was to to merge IT with AF
McKinsey because McKinsey were IT
's conultants.
Now should I say how McKinsey screwed up on HP
/Compaq, Enron...
And who refused a bridging loan to SR
The then Credit Suisse CEO, Lukas Mühleman, who of course was ex-McKinsey!
UBS gangster Ospel is equally guilty but not a McKinsey boy.
So what's AF
's survival plan?
To demerge its short/medium haul into a LCC.
Wow, isn't that a bright idea.
is getting its taste of its own medicine.
AF did everything it could to destroy IW and IJ
so now they can stick up their Junta!
Legacy Airlines should always remember the SR
From CHF 50BN to zero!
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