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NewAge., I don't mean to put a downer on your aspirations but you've been looking for a job and seeking help from people on this board for quite some time. In this time, I don't recall you getting shortlisted - I might be wrong, and I'm not going to go through all the posts again.

You might want to look at what you are offering and how you are presenting yourself. To break into and get on in any career depends not just on what paperwork you have but also - and sometimes far more importantly - how you present yourself and what reputation precedes you.

Aviation is not a forgiving business - to get on you need more than just licences but certain attitudes, behaviours and other personal characteristics. If you have these characteristics, you need to get them across when applying for a job. This might mean contacting the organisation that has the opportunity to sound out what they are looking for - so you can tailor your application. And to follow up your written application with a phone call so that your name gets remembered (but for the right reason). If you can, try to get some feedback on your current approach and be prepared to accept any unwanted comments constructively and learn from it - it's something that you'll benefit from in this business....and many others.
Thank you, I believe I have the attitudes and the skills required for the job. I always try getting a call, however I donīt have the possibility to show them in real life if Iīm not shortlisted for an interview. I always take all constructive criticism well, as I think it is important to highlight those areas where I can improve. Thatīs why Iīm making my job search public in this forum.
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