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More Troo dat; and, a fairy story.

As it's an indecently early start and you have all been so kind, with apologies for the mangled metaphors:-
"Some -Kaizen-style analysis of the organisational pressure-build-up might be highly enlightening
Kaizen will only work when and where 'it's wanted'. Like all curses if the 'malady' is not identified a cure cannot be found. Once identified, both malady and cure: the patient must be willing to undergo the treatment; if the cure is to be effective. Our sick tiger presents with two main symptoms, which manifest through several other symbiotic ailments.

Endemic these days is the 'arse covering' comfort blanket of all care and no responsibility. They're all at it, learnt from government agencies at the tit and later spoon fed by Nanny. You can notice it with small children; no matter what young Johnny has done – it's never his fault, there's always an excuse and backdoor to slip out of provided. Then, during adulthood, the 'reflex' is so deeply ingrained, so Pavlov dog like, the subconscious response is inescapable. Every one loves the kudos, the money the power – until it's time to pay the fiddler; suddenly everyone is pointing at someone else. I wonder, do these parents realise the damage they are inflicting on their offspring? Confidence, the real McCoy variety – does not stem from knowing that no matter what comes, there is always an out; but from knowing the consequences of a bad decision or action; learned early so that responsibility for ones decisions and actions is clearly understood, later in life, when it matters.

Rice bowl protection: the cause of wars and misery, since the cave days People will go to extraordinary lengths to protect 'their' bowl and that what's in it. Drawback is the infamous, ultimately destructive "Yes" syndrome which cunningly only fills the bowl enough to ensure continued compliance, the sacrifice is insidious and painless until self respect is needed; then the magnitude of it all becomes apparent.

The reflex of self delusion and rice bowl protection in moderation is acceptable; but when ego, a denial of personal responsibility, an ability to find a donkey to pin a tale on, and work place deception are combined with an underlying basic insecurity; promoting braggadocio, team up with a slightly narcissistic temperament, all combined in the aircraft world, spell trouble. Real trouble, with a capital T.

Once upon a time, (back in the day), a King was having serious trouble as his money hoard was diminishing at a great rate. Perplexed, he called in the expert Sleuth to discover where all the wealth was disappearing to. Well of course, it was no ones fault; one alibi supported the next and so on until the sleuth was dizzy with excuses and rational and innuendo. There were of course small groups which were quite happy to 'deflect' the blame, with a well timed hint or two, onto other groups. But Sleuth had played this game before and before long had identified the ring leaders from clues gathered in stables, barns, kitchens, workshops and Pubs, where the almost honest folk (only because they were kept out of the treasury) worked and played. Anyway, later he met the King in his very private garden and told him what was what, collected his fee and melted away. Many years later on the road he met the King again, who looked much the worse for wear; "what happened?" he asked; "well" began the impoverished King, "some of those you named were relatives, others I counted as friends, some knew my secrets others my guilt and when I asked them to stop; they laughed, joined together and threw me out, I am now as you see me; a poorer but wiser man". "But I told how to cure the problem systematically" said Sleuth; "I know" mourned the King; "but I was persuaded that it was much easier to just remove a symptom, not cure the disease". Sleuth later wrote a book entitled "Setting your feet to flame, to keep your hands warm".

Tigers little problems are sort-able, with a little expense, a little pain and an understanding of how not to worry about saving five bob on a dunny roll (and pay a ten bob bonus); but how to efficiently streamline the operation into the little money making machine it should be.

Aye - the arcane, mystical art of trouble shooting is not forgotten, just temporarily 'out of fashion', while the cat's away... Call 1300 – FIXIT – for a quote (shoulders and clean handkerchiefs at discount rates)..

Too toot~

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