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Very interested to know on what grounds his employment was terminated.

Not so long ago I was subject to an allegation of recreational drug use by an anonymous person ('colleague'). I was hauled in off a reserve period for a DAMP test.

As the tester confirmed my negative result, I informed her of the reason I was there. "You'd be surprised how often that happens..." was her response (the clinic wasn't aviation specific).

My company was understanding, discreet and as shocked as I was that an accusation came my way considering my solid work history and reputation amongst colleagues. I still to this day have no idea who made the accusation and wonder whether it may have come from outside the company, masquerading as a colleague. I found it more than interesting that there was no follow up concern from the anonymous person. One would suspect if the allegation was made out of genuine concern, that this person would like to see action taken against me, and when that was not forthcoming, send another letter. Nothing since.....

It's a despicable act and aviation can well do without toxic, anonymous scumbags who reach their tentacles throughout a base/organisation pushing their own agenda for personal gain, or whatever bizzare motivation that exists for this kind of behavior.
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