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Oxy - I don't think you're listening to the feedback and reading the historic posts.

Even with a smaller plane flying to the destinations you suggest, you will have major issues to overcome. Using "Links" to these destinations would probably prevent connections unless some code-share was agreed - this would reduce the passenger potential to P2P. Furthermore, you would probably take passengers off the KLM route which would put AMS at risk.

Stansted is a problem. You're not going to get much connecting traffic because the locos generally don't offer connecting tickets. People going to London (central) aren't going to fly to Stansted. So, again - the opportunity is limited.

Every suggestion you're coming up with is riddled with problems that would prevent the route being financially viable. My "blue sky" suggestion with a Flybe type aircraft is the only thing I could see working in a bucket/spade destination set-up - and even then with the right back ground infrastructure - e.g. back-up agent etc. And even if I am right...I just can't see this happening.

Better to face the reality in my opinion...
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