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Over the years, agents were given just as much (if not more at one time) commission to sell MME rather than NCL. Unfortunately for MME, it has never been as high profile as NCL...there has always been more choice IMHO from NCL therefore that was the first port of call for agents searching for holidays as it usually meant the flight supplements were cheaper.

MME will never be able to compete with the "bigger boys", however they shouldn't need to if they offer a good enough product catering to the niche market. One thing I always liked about the airport was the short distance from the car park to check in, to departures, to the aircraft.

By chasing the 1 million passenger dream, the airport over-stretched themselves and didn't claw back the expendeture quick enough following the demise of GSM, BMI, etc.

I saw in the previous thread comments hoping for a BEE service to LCY. One reason I personally can't see it happening is that to my knowledge the DH8D is a Cat 6 movement - the same as a B738...and the airport didn't want TOM this summer as it cost too much. Obviously there is more to it than just fire cat, however surely core personnel in the terminal have to be provided regardless of whether there is a KLM, an EZE or a TOM? I don't get how a one day a week Cat 6 movement cannot be feasible yet that is what BEE are offering to Jersey.

I really hope to see the airport survive and start to grow again as if nothing else, the loyal staff who have served the airport for many years deserve it, but one thing is for sure - any hope of seeing holiday flights and London services are virtually nil under the current business plan.
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