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Arfur Dent
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Cathay seems to have survived despite their appalling attitude to anything but profit. Their market came to them whether they deserved it or not but this situation has changed with the emergence of players like EK. The dreadful attitude to pilots is a veritable time bomb that will bite sooner rather than later.

What is to become of all the FO's who will stay on their Bases rather than accept a one way ticket to HKG ( where else in the world does that happen) for a Command? As we reduce our freighters what will become of all the Captains who can only fly freighters? What will happen to all the SO's when they try to live with their new wives and developing families on cheapskate housing allowances in a few years time?

And we hesitate to engage in CC - voluntarily or by AOA directive??!! It may be just the thing to concentrate the minds of our truly woeful People Managers. If they don't get a grip there won't be an Airline to foul up!
Did you spend your profit share yet?

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