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What I want to see come out of this, especially from the all-powerful FAU, is the common sense concept that when the fasten-seatbelt signs come on (due to turbulence), the Cabin Crew should be seated too!

Like someone said, you have our featherweight China dolls in Heels telling guys twice their size and three times their weight to fasten seatbelts.

Now let me make this clear and how serious this matter is. Next time you put the fasten seatbelt signs, and you do get a surprise like this flight had, what stops our cabin crew suing YOU, the guy with 4 Stripes on his shoulder, for not announcing "CC please stop duties and be seated etc etc"?

The FAU might not be pushing for their CC to be seated when the fasten belts sign come on, but it is your ass, guys, when they hit their heads on the ceiling making sure the passengers have their seat belt on.
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