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I do not see it beyond the Indian Buraucracy to Attempt any thing in this election year to get a reversal. AI might not have Rupees to rub together but the 27 airliner are still getting delivered and the leasing out has started to raise the cash on the dream liners.

Govt is supporting the bill and for the various downtimes AI is hankering for the payout.. Govt is also buying a lot of Hardware in the direct purchase route(4 C-17, Dozen C 130 and $ Boeing Naval aircraft plus all the Guns) and a big birdie has told us all that the Chopper deal is now wide open again.... Money talks BS walks...... I am confident the FAA will be back in 3 months and say all is well.

I am confident the economics and the Diplomacy are not exclusive to a flyer....... got more to do with the ground realities in a country that is gong thru its share of growing pains and desire to be on the world stage hook or by crook.

Flying Sugar Mountain: The country still sputters along despite people with your attitude. Imagine if you held your head up and tried to make it a better place for a change.....! last I checked there was no restriction for you to immigrate, would help slow the growing population in that country.
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