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FAA downgrades India's aviation safety ranking

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FAA downgrades India's aviation safety ranking

Old 31st Jan 2014, 10:39
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FAA downgrades India's aviation safety ranking

What a mess:

"(Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has downgraded India's aviation safety ranking, which means Indian carriers cannot increase flights to the United States and face additional checks for existing flights, the Mint newspaper reported, citing the Indian aviation regulator.

The FAA has downgraded India to Category 2 from Category 1, Prabhat Kumar, India's director general of civil aviation, was quoted by the paper as saying.

Jet Airways and state-run Air India operate flights from India to the United States.

Kumar could not be reached for comment by Reuters."

FAA downgrades India's aviation safety ranking: report | Reuters
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Old 31st Jan 2014, 13:55
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Shocking! Just shocking
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Old 31st Jan 2014, 15:41
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This is going to affect 9W's expansion plans to the U.S....
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Old 31st Jan 2014, 15:50
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The FAA's decision to downgrade India was made at the same time the U.S. government is making a strong push to encourage the Indian government and aviation industry to buy planes and technology from U.S. companies. The U.S. Trade and Development Agency sponsored a two-day "U.S.-India Aviation Summit" in Washington last October at which government officials, including FAA Administrator Michael Huerta and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, touted U.S. technology to several dozen Indian officials.
US aviation agency downgrades Indian safety rating

Oh and just for your information, Pakistan is Category 1
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Old 31st Jan 2014, 20:52
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Don't worry Apache, once the FAA hear about your mind blowing new terminal at BOM they'll reinstate the safety rating
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Old 31st Jan 2014, 23:27
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Nothing to do with maids, embassy clubs etc!!!!!!
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 00:25
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I don't know why you all are so surprised.Some years back,after we chose Dasault Rafale over Eurofighters, Britain stopped aid to India.Even mocked at us calling us a rich country because we have our own space program.They forgot that Chandrayan helped NASA detect water on the moon.
This is how international politics works.FAA warned DGCA first in 2009.What were they doing for 5 years.

Or were they a little busy were they

Inspectors: FAA officials gave Southwest a pass on safety checks - ABC News
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 08:19
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Hmm What say some of the down time negotiations on Dreamliners are going to now start
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 09:16
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Glad they downgraded.....India deserved it.......India is officially equal to sub saharan africa......way to go for the so called rising tiger.....lol
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 11:42
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Does anyone know the reason for the downgrade? The FAA submitted "Task Cards", which had to be acted within a specified period of time. Anyone know which tasks not completed? The time expired and required tasks not completed. FAA lived up to their edict.

ZFT, perhaps a bit misguided, intimated the reason for the downgrade may have been established because of the Indian Diplomatic dealing in improprieties with her nanny. Now why in the world ZFT, would the FAA downgrade India's Safety since the crime was committed against the US department of Homeland Security Regulations?

Wannabe Flyer, you live up to your handle, a Wannabe. Do you actually think that one or two Dreamliner cancelled by Air India, who does not have to Rupees to rub together, is going to have an effect on Boeing's bottom line?

I've flown in India for quite a number of years. Problems with ATC? not more than other places I've flown. For those who've flown in parts of Spain and Italy, China, Russia, to name a few, and yes the US know what I'm talking about.

Probably the worst which leaves a mark on most people's memories is the bureaucratic ways of India and their DGCA. The old saying goes, since India was under British rule until 1947, "The British introduced bureaucracy to India, and the Indians perfected it to the nth degree."
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 15:32
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Iam an Indian and i totally agree with the previous post of captains....i am ashamed of being an Indian...
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 19:26
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I do have faith in Indian bureaucracy.But I have faith in the arm twisting tactics of the West too.
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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 04:32
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i am ashamed of being an Indian...
I am disappointed with the fact that some people who make such kind of statements call themselves Indians. The world disrespects such people because they disrespect themselves.
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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 14:15
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Category 2, Does Not Comply with ICAO Standards: The Federal Aviation Administration assessed this country's civil aviation authority (CAA) and determined that it does not provide safety oversight of its air carrier operators in accordance with the minimum safety oversight standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
This rating is applied if one or more of the following deficiencies are identified:
the country lacks laws or regulations necessary to support the certification and oversight of air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards;
the CAA lacks the technical expertise, resources, and organization to license or oversee air carrier operations;
the CAA does not have adequately trained and qualified technical personnel;
the CAA does not provide adequate inspector guidance to ensure enforcement of, and compliance with, minimum international standards;
the CAA has insufficient documentation and records of certification and inadequate continuing oversight and surveillance of air carrier operations.
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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 15:58
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Personally, I think this might actually be good for us long run. The DGCA has been rudely woken up out of its slumber to among many things, hire some(a lot) full time FOI's to monitor and provide oversight of flight operations in India.

Why is it difficult to obtain FOI's with relevant qualifications and experience to join the DGCA. It's about pay and contracts , would a 55 year old examiner on a boeing or Airbus be more interested in joining the DGCA on a measly 1 or 3 year contract with govt. babu pay and perks or stay at an airline where he/she is in increasing demand and prospects getting better in the years to come. remember , pay peanuts , get monkeys

DGCA & the ministry needs to realize that their conduct and actions or inaction affect themselves and gone are the days where their performance will never be questioned. The great Indian circus sorry media always loves to hype it up as well and show how air travel has become so dangerous that the US has downgraded us ....

it looks bad I know but this was needed if we need to get aviation to a world standard and hopefully they'll get the message loud and clear , in he meantime fly safe and
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Old 4th Feb 2014, 04:18
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I do not see it beyond the Indian Buraucracy to Attempt any thing in this election year to get a reversal. AI might not have Rupees to rub together but the 27 airliner are still getting delivered and the leasing out has started to raise the cash on the dream liners.

Govt is supporting the bill and for the various downtimes AI is hankering for the payout.. Govt is also buying a lot of Hardware in the direct purchase route(4 C-17, Dozen C 130 and $ Boeing Naval aircraft plus all the Guns) and a big birdie has told us all that the Chopper deal is now wide open again.... Money talks BS walks...... I am confident the FAA will be back in 3 months and say all is well.

I am confident the economics and the Diplomacy are not exclusive to a flyer....... got more to do with the ground realities in a country that is gong thru its share of growing pains and desire to be on the world stage hook or by crook.

Flying Sugar Mountain: The country still sputters along despite people with your attitude. Imagine if you held your head up and tried to make it a better place for a change.....! last I checked there was no restriction for you to immigrate, would help slow the growing population in that country.
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Old 4th Feb 2014, 07:11
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And if we didn't have to spend on all that defence equipment, we would probably have the money to afford the Flight Operation Inspectors Screwed if you buy them.Screwed if you don't.
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Old 10th Feb 2014, 17:57
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Not just Aviation.

So it is not just about aviation safety here, is it ?

India says US FDA imposed disproportionate penalties | Business Line

“The Commerce Minister told the FDA Commissioner that the environment had got vitiated following the recent FDA audit inspections. The industry has complained that even in cases where clarifications were sought, action was taken by the agency before the company could explain its stand. In some cases, disproportionate penalties have been imposed,” a Commerce Ministry official told Business Line.
U.S. to take action against India over solar subsidies: India government source | Reuters

The United States plans to take India to the World Trade Organization over subsidies New Delhi gives to its solar power industry, an Indian government source said on Monday, a step that could further strain relations between the countries.
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Old 10th Feb 2014, 19:23
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ZFT's statement:

"Nothing to do with maids, embassy clubs etc!!!!!!"

Everyone knows that this consulate members completely lied about the "slave" she brought to the US so that she could pay her cheaper than the US minimum wage. How convenient that the Indian press and most Indians skipped that vital information. Slavery is dead in the US but apparently alive and well in India... Conveniently skipped the truth on that issue.
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Old 10th Feb 2014, 19:50
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US diplomat in Mumbai pays his Filipina maid less than $3 per hour - The Times of India

One such contract between a Mumbai-based US diplomat and his Filipina maid, a copy of which is with TOI, suggests that the maid is being paid less than $3 per hour. The minimum hourly wage in the US is $7.25.

According to her lawyer, Khobragade actually paid $9.75 per hour to her maid in New York, as promised by her in the employment contract, in the form of the amount paid here to her husband and also cash payments and "permissible deductions'' for various services in the US
CNN reported in 2009, quoting a state department report, that many local staff of US diplomats across the world were being paid less than a dollar per day. The state department-mandated contract between Khobragade and Richard projected an average of 40 working hours per week (approximately a salary of $1,560 per month at an hourly wage of $9.75). Around $560 was given in the form of Rs 30,000 transferred to her husband's account, another $625 in cash and remaining in deductions
Again you are being foolish.This is not about aviation safety or maids or diplomats or trade or generic drugs.

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