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I can only tell you what I have been through,you decide what you want to do.In my opinion,the best option would be to join the Indian Air-force or Coast guard.It not only saves you money but also brings some discipline in life.I could not joint either because of my eyesight(you cannot wear spectacles).
The next option was civil aviation which my parents count not afford,so I ended up doing engineering and then my masters.I was 30yrs when I finally started flying, got my FAA CPL at 33,left America,went through hell to finally get my Indian DGCA CPL at 35yr,all from the money I earned. After all this,I am not able to find an interview,leave alone a job in aviation.Almost all the Airlines in India are asking you to sponsor your type rating by yourself,which is anywhere between 20lakh to 30lakh(Spice-jet).This is additional money after your CPL.And one more thing, better to get your CPL from India,the pain and the bureaucracy to convert your foreign license is just unbearable.
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