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1)If you are hell bent on getting into this profession, be prepared for a long and hard struggle.

2)If you are using your family's resources, they should be made aware of the financial risk involved.You may have to wait many years before you find a job.

3) DO NOT take a loan to get into this profession.You WILL regret it.

4) This profession involves an endless amount of study.A similar effort could get you a degree in a profession that has many more job opportunities.

5) It is very expensive to keep your licenses current.Every year that you are unemployed you will have to spend money on renewing your licenses/medical etc.Even if you buy a rating, the rating could expire.The budget that you have planned for your training should consider these costs as well !

6)Politicial influence does not ONLY work in Indian aviation.It works everywhere.When you grow older you will realize this.

7) Airline business is unpredictable.I know many pilots who lost their jobs and spent some time unemployed because their company shutdown.And I am not talking only about Kingfisher here.

8)What captjns has recommended is indeed an option.But I personally did not take this route.I struggled after getting a license.I found a job to pay my own expenses and I got a degree while I was unemployed.My Indian parents were fortunately very supportive and understanding during those years.I know others who have chosen this route.No option is an easy option in aviation.

9) This career has been very very hard,but also very rewarding- for me and many others.

Go for it.Good luck !
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