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What accidents have happened because of OEI neglecence ?
Does it make you feel good to contemplate the possibility that you might be an occupant of the first one that occurs?

I'm not a corporate type but I just can't comprehend why someone that would spend anywhere from one to seventy million dollars on a bizjet "can't afford" to buy the required runway analysis that would help to ensure its safety.

I might be willing to give the "owners" the benefit of the doubt in that they probably have little or no knowledge of aircraft performance. Unfortunately, that leaves pilots as the culprits.

You should all be excited by the thought that the life you save might be your own, tell your bosses what you need and then get what you need to do your job properly.

Even if you're a whiz at juggling AFM charts (unlikely) doing it accurately is improbable, too time consuming, and completely impractical. How do you even know accurately where the obstacles are located or how high they are [please don't tell me you read it on a Jepp chart]? You might as well just kick the tires, light the fires and pretend that nothing can go wrong (which from what you all say I suspect is what you do).

Performance is important! Think about it .... the life you save might be your own (even if it only happens once).
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