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Thanks Mutt, I was planning on taking a look at that book.
I would really like to get more people involved as its amazing how overlooked this very important part is. I don't have numbers, but as bizjetjock said, I have also seen most erroneously use OEI numbers for the SID in many cases severely limiting payload while completely ignoring prohibitive close in obstacles simply from lack of training and knowledge.

Many are now using various software products for this purpose, but I wonder how many know what information their chosen product decides to leave out that another may include and vice versa.

I've been in this business a long time and think that we need to take a tougher stand on performance and set a good example for the new guys. I remember when I left 135 six years ago and saw how some 91 brothers were completely ignoring performance because they thought the owners would be angry. As a senior captain I had a nice chat with our client and after explaining risk vs reward of their practices he agreed to do it the safe way. Now I would like to utilize all the resources at my disposal to ensure we are operating to the highest safety standard. No point stacking the deck before takeoff.
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