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Ambo runway incusion

Hi guys,
Working on a tail wheel endoresment today in a super decathlon. Located at a small regional flight school at a pretty quite ctaf. Was performing a low level curcuit on rwy 01. Was on downwind. An ambo King Air gave a taxi call, I responed with "late downwind, low level, rwy 01, touch and go"
Got an acknowlegemnt from him but nothing else. Had a look for him while i was on base, he was taxiing toward the rwy. I just assumed he'd hold short. Not so! As i was turning final he gave a rolling call for an intersection departure rwy 19! So there i was, rolling out on final to see a King Air starting his roll.
I gave a call reporting i WAS final but now going around rwy 01.
No acknowledgment from the ambo, just an airborne report.
He was using the callsign ambulance ####.
So was i supposed to give him priority. The wind was light but did favour rwy 01. Is this a runway incusion or should i have given him priority? If it was a life threthening situation shouldn't he have been using a Med callsign?
I believe he was in the wrong. If he was lining up on 01 i would have happily extened downwind for him.
What was really disappointing was the lack of appology, acknowledgement or even contrition. He just headed off to his next destination.

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