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Befehl is Befehl!

Read McMaster's book...."Dereliction of Duty".

Now think about this....McCain had put a "Hold" on Dempsey's Nomination for a Second Term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff....but just recently released that Hold so the General can have his second term.

It would appear Dempsey in the recent past was very much against what is being proposed and by saying so ran afoul of McCain....thus the "Hold".

Now....we see Dempsey going with the flow....the "Hold" is off....and we are headed to War.

We, who served in Vietnam were sold out by our Senior Military Leadership....and as far as I am concerned our current generation are not being served much better by the current bunch.

McCain has been pushing for more involvement in Syria.

Until very recently Dempsey was against it before he became for it.

You reckon Vietnam might have turned out for the better if we would have had some Generals that would have refused to obey LBJ's orders and when it came to a crisis.....looked LBJ in the eye and tell him...."Mr. President, that is not an order I can carry out and live with myself afterwards....get yourself someone else....I Resign!". How many would it have taken before he did find someone....and how long would it have taken for the Media and his opposition to catch on to what was happening.

The way I see it....Martin Dempsey is in exactly that situation and he opted for four more years as Chairman....just as the Vietnam era Chiefs did.

McCain calls Dempsey's warning against attack on Syria 'disingenuous' | JPost | Israel News
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