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Here in Scandinavia, and most of Europe, running the APU on the ground is not an option. That is why we got the dispensation in the first place. On every other aircraft at ARN, the APU is shut down as soon as ground power is attached, and started again when the door is shut for departure.
Every gate has one FEGP, and they are very reliable, and nearly all the widebody gates here have two FEGP. It is not a good idea to run the packs from ground power, other systems will load shed, so the third GPU will only be required for an engine start. If it comes to it we will attempt a start from the two FEGP first and see how it goes. The AMM says it will work.

You can only use modern diesel GPUs on the B787, older ones do not have stable enough frequency. Modern GPUs are very quiet, and much preferable to an APU.
Get out on the ramp at ARN one day. Sometimes you can hear the birds singing it is so quiet!
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