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It says you need assistant experience but an ADI rating might help. Also, have you tried HIAL?
Thank you! I will try. And yes, I tried HIAL.

Thank You so much! I'll try.

Hi there,

just to cover all possibilities and since your spanish won't be a problem, have you tried applying at FerroNats (mainland Spain) or Saerco (Canary islands)?
Yes, Ferronats was my first option, but I didn't pass the selection process, I was out on the first part (personality interview, bad day :c) and didn't have the chance to prove my competency on a simulator. We were 200, and they've only selected around 50. Also Saerco did their own aptitude tests and course, and I realized late. I tried contacting them, and I was in touch with them on a monthly basis, but always got negative answers, and they asked me not to call them back in the mid-term as there weren't going to be any changes.
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