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@ TheBigD

Speculative? Not really. Look at the number of airline pilots in the US and the number of CPL's issued. You will see there are more CPL's out there than jobs. Since you obviously have plenty of time on your hands, feel free to do the research.
Those who can't go through the trouble of reading up on previous posts before shooting off their mouths should not post at all.Those who themselves won't bother to do their own research should not expect others to do it.

What I am telling you and what you do not grasp is that this is a tough profession
What brilliant insight ! Please read post no 54.Also read up on the study done by PWC and Indo American Chambers of Commerce. But you probably won't cause you don't have the time.You have just jumped on the bandwagon to give free advice !
Do whatever you think is right; but sitting around and arguing with us is not going to get you any closer to where you need to be
Just one more silly assumption you made !
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